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  1. Dear Phil,

    I have been editing a non-profit magazine, *Kyoto Journal*, for the past 25
    years. We are working on a new website (,
    which has yet to be launched. One of our long-time contributors, John
    Ashburne, is a real fan of yours and recommended we let you know about a
    project we are now working on.

    Being in Japan we have all been greatly effected by the tsunami and the
    accident at the Fukushima nuclear reactor. For our part, we are now putting
    together a book of selected essays entitled is “*Fresh Currents: Japan’s F
    low from a Nuclear Past to a Renewable Future*.” The book is being
    guest-edited by Eric Johnston, a journalist who works at the *Japan
    Times*and who has covered Japan’s nuclear industry for the past two

    decades. We
    also have some excellent interviews with, and articles by, experts in
    renewable energy who attended the Nuclear-Free World Conference that was
    held in Yokohama in January. We are using Kickstarter to help fund the
    project, the goal being to have it appear in English and then to use
    funding to translate it into Japanese and send out PDF copies of the book
    to important policy-makers. We feel we can add a little push in Japan to
    the momentum for a renewable energy future.

    The book will be divided into two sections — “How We Got Here,” which
    details Japan’s embrace of the Nuclear industry, its history up to
    Fukushima and the disaster, and the 2nd part (as yet untitled) which deals
    with positive and innovative renewable energy futures.

    We decided to open the cover of the book to a competition. So we are
    inviting artists and illustrators and photographers to submit a work by
    May15th. We would love to have you submit something, but would also like to
    have you illustrate one or two essays if you are interested.

    Please consider our project!


    john einarsen
    founding editor, kyoto journal

    Join Kyoto Journal Facebook:

    • Dear John.

      Thanks for the email, and your interest in my work. The project sounds great and I would like to submit work for the cover and I would be interested in illustrating any stories. If you could send more information regarding the cover submission details then I can get my entry over to you.

      Thanks again

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