Monthly Archives: March 2011


My darling is a stereotype. Illsuto for Metropolis Magazine about foreign stereotypes. Have a read here



Some images from Urayasu. The area is re-claimed land. As a result of the earthquake, mud gurgled up through cracks in the road, sinking electricity poles and creating a two foot deep layer of sludge through an entire neighbourhood.

Ninja goodness

A spread for Metropolis magazine. Translated excerpts from a famous ninja training manual. Had some fun creating the background using scanned water color textures and mystical smoke from a previous job i did. Have a read here

New Illusto

A look back at Nintendo’s historic change in leadership nearly a decade ago offers insight into the corporate turmoil that inspired the company’s game-changing introduction of the Wii game system. I used the iconic game levels for the spread, worked out quite well.

Beijing Zoo

Grim scenes at Beijing zoo