Monthly Archives: November 2010

Metropolis Magazine Cover

Recently made this cover for Metropolis Magazine, an English language magazine published in Tokyo. The theme was Haneda’s new airport that recently opened. The idea was to build a very simple cover with primary colors, everything is cut out and photographed, giving the feeling of growth and something made with hands and not pixels. The title chosen was meant to be provocative, to get people picking it up, personally im unsure of the message it sends but im only responsible for production. I like the results though.



Popeye No.1

Recently managed to get a read of the first POPEYE magazine from 1976. POPEYE was originally a magazine that introduced young Japanese city boys to Americas layed back lifestyle. The design and editorial reflected this completely and seduced a generation of Japanese aspiring hipsters. Like many magazine the 1990s saw a nosedive in popularity, but this No1 issue is so fresh with its info graphics and stylish adverts. Japanese convenience stores are full of mens magazines now, but this was massive back in the day.

Vintage record sleeves

I collected a couple of these back in the day. You could pick them up at charity shops. Vintage record sleeves that convey their message with simple shapes and typography.

Dan Hillier Print

During a recent trip home to England i picked up a mounted print by artist Dan Hillier, he had a stall in Brick Lane selling silk screen prints and other wares. Check his website and bath in the goodness