Monthly Archives: August 2010

September ACCJ Arrival

The new Journal arrived a day or so go. Very lucky to have Hiromi Iguchi as our photographer again this issue, she shot some fantastic portraits for us as always.

As  always i was busy making a bunch of small editorial illustrations for this issue… No change there then


Metropolis Magazine

A small editorial illustration, The headline was – Hacker Arrested for Octopus Virus..

Vintage Tokyo subway manner posters

Japan is big on manners, and have posters on all subways highlighting the importance of respecting your fellow beings. Here are a few manner posters that appeared in the Tokyo subways between 1976 and 1982. Original link

The Seat Monopolizer (July 1976)
Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator,” this poster encourages passengers not to take up more seat space than necessary.

Three annoying train monsters (October 1982)
The three annoying train monsters shown in the poster are Nesshii (the sleeping monster), Asshii (the leg-crossing monster), and Shinbunshii (the newspaper-reading monster).

Don’t throw chewing gum on the platform (September 1976)
Even Superman is no match for chewing gum discarded on the train platform.

Marcel Marceau (October 1978)
Marcel Marceau gestures toward a priority seat reserved for elderly and handicapped passengers, expecting mothers, and passengers accompanying small children.

Metropolis Magazine

A photo illustration made for metropolis magazine, art direction was by Kohji who gave me a rough, and i was charged with making the thing. Worked out well, alough it was crushed just before the photoshoot and had to be remade, such is life. Read the article here.

Matsuri Camera Tricks

ok its not new,  but i surprised myself with these couple of images taken at a fireworks display in Tateyama using my Nikon D90, and they look nice and retro.

Tateyama weekend

A recent trip to Tateyama to clear out the cobwebs was well overdue.