Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Job Interview

For a piece about what not to say at a job interview


The Path to Profit

A piece looking at the idea that its relatively impossible to create and innovate when people are filled with fear and anxiety. Establish a culture where people are free to be naturally creative by removing these obstacles.

Storeridge Magazine

An article asking should legal restraints be tightened on the practice of S&M?? .. should we have the freedom to spank and be spanked.. i say YES WE SHOULD

Mobile Upload

An illustration for metropolis magazine. Five foreigners attempt to download there favorite songs to a Japanese keitai. A basic knowledge of Japanese would be needed to download a song from a japanese mobile phone of course. ¬†Why not just get an iphone??.. where’s the fun in that.. An interesting read though, take a look here

Editorial Illustration

Metropolis Magazine

Metropolis Magazine

A small editorial illustration about Tokyo’s painfully slow traffic due to over population